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Let the world know about your company and you. We cover a large number of IT channels and deliver editorial section for free so that the channel partners are updated with the changes that occur in the market. We would be glad to publish information regarding your organization as the readers would get genuine news of your organization and products through our editorial section. Therefore please send in your news, events, press releases etc to news@candidb2b.com

Please include the following information in your press releases, news or events: 

  • Brief description of the company, including the number of branches, showrooms, employees, etc (Company Profile)

  • Total turnover of the company

  • Products your company deals in

  • Contact information including Contact Person, Complete physical address(s), Phone number(s) including extensions (if any). Mobile phone number(s), email address (es), website (if any)

Send in the above to:

Email : news@candidb2b.com

Candid Computer Columns Pvt. Ltd.
317, 3rd Floor, Jhalawar bldg,
E S Patanwala Compound, LBS marg,
Ghatkopar (West)
Mumbai - 400 086

We will also collect your information through Phone 91-22-2508 0147/48/49/66