Federation of All India IT Associations (FAIITA) Extends Its Support to Gates

The national IT association Federation of All India IT Associations (FAIITA) has extended its support to GATES India ICT Reseller Channel Summit 2016.This Summit will act as the last mile for the Digital India initiative, and facilitates an opportunity for the vibrant startup ecosystem in the country. The startups can interact with ICT channel partners directly even before they go live with their products and services.

Champak Raj Gurjar, President at FAIITA said, "We believe that this initiative by GATES is timely and will not only bridge the gap between vendors and channels but will create a platform to share knowledge and industry best practices. It will help bring the channels from Tier 2 and 3 cities  into a common platform with Tier 1 channel, and help integrate, propel and grow business & reach for vendors looking to enhance their market base in India."

FAIITA was recently established as a formal body during the second assembly of FAIITA held in Bangalore on February 2015. FAIITA was formed to address the online pricing issue and has made a lot of positive efforts to streamline this issue, the association wants to expand the gamut of FAIITA objectives and work at bigger trade issues and improve the IT channel health and believes that an initiative like GATES can create greater interaction between the various stakeholders in the ICT channel community.

Ashish Kapahi, CEO at GATES APAC said, "It is encouraging to have such support from the industry bodies and believes that GATES will deliver a tremendous opportunities and value for the entire ICT ecosystem especially in a period that poses a lot of disruptive challenges. The association will benefit us expand our reach to tier 2 and 3 cities."

The GATES Summit has already started to gain momentum with very high positive responses coming from tier 2 and 3 cities with over 50% of the channel partners who expressed willingness to participate in such an ever are first time visitors to an event of this magnitude. This has already triggered great interest with vendors and distributors strategically associating with the event.

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