Toshiba Digital Media Network Taiwan Corporation (TDMT), a committed technology leader, announces the MD04ABA-V Series, delivering a5TB 3.5-inch, low RPM hard disk drive (HDD) specifically for surveillance applications. The MD04ABA-V series is designed for use in surveillance digital video recorders (SDVR), surveillance network video recorders (SNVR) and hybrid SDVR.
Designed for surveillance applications, with support for at least up to 32 high definition cameras *2) and 24/7 operation, the MD04ABA-V Series also incorporates rotational vibration (RV) sensors, making it suitable for use in RAID/multi-HDD based surveillance platforms. With the massive 5TB capacity point, customers now have the flexibility to retain higher resolution surveillance video data for longer periods using fewer HDDs, helping to maintain a smaller storage footprint and lower energy costs.
“The latest generation surveillance cameras produce higher resolution video streams that increase storage capacity requirements. Toshiba’s MD04ABA-V Series Surveillance HDDs deliver greater capacity, quieter operation and more power efficient operation vs. competing higher RPM HDD models,” said Mr. Kashiwabara, Senior Manager of Marketing Sec., Toshiba Digital Media Network Taiwan Corporation.
The state of the art SURVEILLANCE HARD DISK DRIVE will be distributed across class ABC & D cities of India. This monumental task has been assigned to Rashi Peripheral’s owing to its stable statistics of fifty two Branch offices and Fifty seven service centers catering over nine thousand partners.


Rashi Peripherals has emerged to be one of the leading value added distributors in the country with 26 years of presence in IT Distribution. Today Rashi has 52 branches offices and 57 centers spread across A, B, C & D class cities of India and more than 9000 Partners/Customers in 750 cities/Towns. Our distribution brands comprise of World leaders like ADATA, AMD, APC,APPLE, ASUS, ECS, GOOGLE, HP, INTEL, LOGITECH, LENOVO, LEADTEK, MOBOTIX, NETGEAR, NVIDIA, PLANTRONICS, SANDISK, TARGUS and TOSHIBA. . Established in the year 1989, Rashi has come a long way in distribution and is amongst the TOP 5 IT distributor in India and also amongst the TOP 44 IT(Hardware, Software & services) companies in India.
We have grown consistently over the years @ CAGR of 29% year over year. Rashi team of 300+ sales & marketing professionals help in building the Brand and also strong channel engagement. Dedicated Marketing and PR initiative make Rashi ' The True Real Value Added Distributor '.
Rashi is known for its various innovative marketing programs with conceptualizing and implementing schemes/rebates being its key strengths. One of its very popular flagship events is the Channel Business Forum (CBF) which is an equal opportunity forum that brings together participating vendors and channel partners on a common platform. Started off in 2005 Rashi initiated CBF event series to inform, educate and train channel partners on the upcoming technologies and products. All 10 edition of CBF together have covered more than 31400 partners in 200+ cities.

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