Creative Peripherals announces its partnership with Strontium

Creative Peripherals is proud to announce that it has entered into a partnering agreement with Strontium to provide a high-quality product line that will benefit both the companies. Strontium Technology is a global leader in the manufacturing of PC and flash memory. It specializes in manufacturing a broad range of memory modules for notebooks, desktops and flash device applications. Creative Peripherals & Distribution is a leading provider of audio video products and IT products like Telecom and CE products in India.

Creative Peripherals has direct access to the retailers and resellers, successfully expanding its reach across India. It has become a leading integrated supply chain provider for IT, Telecom and CE products. Strontium Technology provides the Nitro Series of products and regular Strontium Series of products that target a wide array of customers ranging from professionals to mid class of people. It offers high-quality products such as cards bundled with card readers in Flash that can be used internally as well as externally with a USB Flash drive. The partnership between Creative Peripherals and Strontium Technology reinforces an approach that will help both the companies to reach out exclusively in India as well as abroad. This tie-up will prove beneficial for both the companies and arise to a better position for addressing the customers beyond their respective domains.

This partnership will help Strontium Technology to use the reach of Creative Peripherals across India. It will also benefit the company to share the good will that Creative Peripherals share with Channel and LFR’s. This will also prove advantageous for Strontium Technology to build a market for its products in India. This tie-up has enabled Creative Peripherals to gain a high-quality product line with a focused Vendor.

The President and CEO of Strontium Technology says, “Its a win-win deal for both the companies, and Creative will benefit by getting a high-quality product line with a focused Vendor, and Strontium will benefit from Pan India reach of Creative along with high-quality sales team.”

About Creative Peripherals
Creative Peripherals & Distribution is a leading provider of audio video products and equipment. Incorporated in 1992, it has successfully achieved the status of being a successful company in Distribution of IT as well as non-IT products like Telecom and CE. They have direct access to the breadth billing across the various cities in the west zone of India.

About Strontium Technology
Founded in 2002, Strontium Technology focuses on delivering the highest standards of quality products that exceed the industry standards. They ensure that every product is designed and produced with state-of-the-art technology. They offer cost-effective integrated solutions to consumers that make a difference to their lives. Strontium designs and manufactures every product to meet the specifications of world-renowned computer manufacturers.

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