Solix EDMS 4.0 achieves IBM tag

Solix Technologies, a global provider of information lifecycle management (ILM) solutions, announced that its EDMS 4.0 has successfully completed interoperability testing with IBM storage environments to become an IBM System Storage Proven solution.  

Solix EDMS 4.0 is a comprehensive ILM system that enables Chief Data Officers and business managers to archive, organize, manage and search all enterprise data including structured, unstructured and composite data.  "Achieving IBM System Storage Proven interoperability is another validation for Solix's flagship product, Solix EDMS 4.0 giving customer a proven storage and ILM data management solution for all their enterprise data" said Shekhar Dasgupta, President and COO, Solix Technologies.  

As per the company release, Solix EDMS 4.0 can be used for data archiving and management to meet compliance guidelines, regulatory requirements and business intelligence needs using IBM systems

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