Our strength lies in making the product available in the market

Delhi headquartered Acro Engineering Company is amongst one of the growing distributor of IT products in India. In conversation with Marketflash, NiranjanSingh, GM sales, shares its various future plans and strategies. 
Tell something about your product positioning in the market? 

Acro Engineering holds a strong position in the IT –field due to its latest innovative and high quality product, which had a good demand in the market. Acro Engineering is an authorized distributor for Amigo product, MSI graphic cards, Cooler master, GlacialTech, Glacial Power, and Palit graphic cards in the market. Amigo brands deals with laptop batteries, cabinet, CPU fans, and Universal chargers. The latest products, which we have added in our product range, are web cameras, Card scanner, and keyboards. In order to have a judicious spread, we decide to focus MSI graphic cards and cooler master products, which give us good business in the past years. 

What kind of strategies have you evolved to sustain in the distribution segment? 

Our product ranges are mainly focused for high end Gaming PCs and for enthusiastic peoples .Our strength as a distributor lies in making the product available in the market. The distribution network for our products in North is very strong as we are more familiar with the market their. MSI graphic cards and cooler master entire range of product is the focus area of our distribution. 

Give an over view of Acro Engineering company growth figures? 

Acro Engineering has shown a tremendous growth in the distribution segment in North .As compare to last years we are expecting 80% growth of our company .We are in a progress to open new branch offices at all, over India to increase our distribution network. I expect a good growth from the western part of the country. We are also planning to appoint sub-distributors for our various product ranges. 

What are the challenges that you think you face being a part of this distribution industry? 

IT infrastructure is growing rapidly in the country. It is always a challenge to sustain you in the market. The challenges is between the brands and the prize of the products .The profit margins of all IT products is decreasing regularly and sometime we have to work with low profit margins to survive in the market .The profit margin of selling IT products to the end-users has reduced to 4% to 5% from 10%to 15%. 

What is your outlook on the graphic card market in India? 

Graphic card sales has increased in India and worldwide .We know that sale of MSI graphic cards has shown a tremendous growth in the market. Recently we have N9800GX2-M2DIG graphic cards from MSI, which is a high-end card for Gaming PCs.The rejection ratio of our graphic cards in the market is almost zero. 

What are your plans for the channel? Are you taking new steps to increase your channel partners network? 

Channel plays an important role to be successful distributor .It is important for us as well. We promote our product through channel partners in the market. At present we have more than 300 partners in the country and we plan to expand ourselves in north. 

What message would you like to convey to your channel partners and customers through Marketflash? 

Channel work as a force for the products we built up .We will focus our attention to channel partners in the western part of the country. Partners can trust us and make a profitable margin in selling our products. 

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