Omnitech unveils India’s first third party Disaster Recovery Centre

Omnitech InfoSolutions unveiled India’s first Third Party Workplace Recovery Center ‘OmniCenter’ at Navi Mumbai

OmniCenter, with a total area of over 20,000 sq feet is the only one in India to provide 325 workplace recovery positions including server room, data vault, and emergency operations room among other services in the center.

Ashok Chavan, Minister of Industries, Maharashtra inaugurated the OmniCenter. At the occasion, Ashok Chavan, said, “With disasters like the terrorist attacks, floods, SARS on the rise and the increasing dependence on technology in business, the need for business continuity planning has become imperative. I am confident that companies like OmniTech will help manage and reduce the losses due to such calamities.” Talking on Governments role in such areas, Chavan further added that, “OmniTech and such other companies has the full support of mine and Maharashtra Government to make Maharashtra the state of choice for technology companies”

The facility contains state of the art security systems, power supply arrangements, office equipments, connectivity infrastructure, call center solutions and easy access. Workplace recovery facility is further supported with professional services viz. consulting, managing, auditing and training in the areas of disaster recovery and business continuity. 

 “The fear of increasing recurrence of natural disasters, man made disasters, pandemic outbreak and dependence on technology has led to the demand for an integrated disaster recovery services which can be provided through world-class recovery centers such as OmniCenter, said, Atul Hemani, MD, Omnitech InfoSolutions.

Hemani, further added, “OmniCentre, being a specialist in the field promises to reduce the downtime due to any disaster to minimum and help manage disasters more effectively and efficiently”. 

Omnitech InfoSolutions currently provides Disaster Recovery Management Services (DRMS) consulting and implementation to multinationals like Birla SunLife Insurance, Kotak Group, Citi Bank, AMC, CRISIL, United Western Bank, Capita UK and The Hyatt among others. 

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