Newgen launches OmniFlow Version 7.0

Newgen Software, solutions provider in Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM), launched the latest version of its workflow solution- OmniFlow today. The Newgen OmniFlow Version 7.0 claims to have greater flexibility and enhanced features that would address the changing process requirements of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, and enable BPOs to effectively manage people, processes and transactions to achieve operational excellence.

The new solution is supported by an inbuilt calendar to ensure timely execution of tasks through Expiries and Escalations. The feature allows defining Calendar for specifying working days and holidays and timings for different working shifts that are taken into consideration while calculating processing time, turn-around time, setting expiries and so on. Enhancements to the Process Modeler include addition of process explorer, flowchart and thumbnail process views and introduction of new worksteps and adapters. The Workdesk has also been enhanced to provide a good user interface and is further empowered by features like Reminders, Searches, Work-Audits, Document Check-in / Check-outs and so on.

While participating at NASSCOM's India ITES-BPO Strategy Summit 2007, Punit Jain, Senior VP, Sales and Marketing, Newgen Software, said, "BPM is a strategic imperative towards achieving operational excellence in the BPO business. Newgen's strategy is to provide the BPO industry with products that maximize the best of available technologies, to equip them to meet changing business requirements. With OmniFlow Version 7.0, BPOs will be able to leverage the comprehensive capabilities of BPM to effectively manage collaborative processes that span multiple enterprises and different geographies."

Through OmniFlow 7.0 software solution, companies can design, deploy, modify, monitor and manage business processes, involving minimal programming effort. Built using open technologies the solution has integration abilities, allowing it to be introduced into almost any existing IT infrastructure. Newgen OmniFlow has been successfully deployed worldwide at leading BPOs and Shared Service Centers (SSCs) that include IBM Daksh, Wipro BPO, Dow Jones, WNS, UBS, Equinox, Patni BPO, EXL Services, iGate, Nipuna, Wividus, Unilever SSC, Indigo, Ranbaxy SSC, Phillips SSC, CoreBPO, Core3, iEnergizer, Techspan SSC and others.


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