Memorex launches new line of Portable USB Hard Drives

Memorex, today announced the availability of its ruggedly designed Ultra TravelDrive™ line of USB hard drives in India. The compact, high-capacity Ultra TravelDrive, based on 2.5-inch hard drive technology, delivers up to 160GB of capacity for consumers' computer storage and backup needs.  

Featuring a rubberized grip area, the Ultra TravelDrive can be personalized with interchangeable, nature-inspired color faceplates, a unique twist for portable hard drives.

The Ultra TravelDrive is available in 120GB and 160GB capacities - offering consumers significant storage and back-up capacity for data, photos, music and video, all in a device that fits easily into the palm of a hand and weighs approximately half a pound.  

The USB interface ensures that the Ultra TravelDrive is compatible with virtually any desktop or laptop, whether Mac or PC. A USB connection also is the only power source required for the Ultra TravelDrive, with no additional power supply needed.

Sanjay Koul, Country Manager, Imation India, said, "Once again, Memorex delivers a cutting-edge portable storage device from a name brand that consumers trust. The Ultra TravelDrive provides high-capacity, compact mobile storage that makes it easy to save and share important files in style - and on the go."

The ergonomic design of the Ultra TravelDrive is easy to carry, and the double-injected black rubberized grip area helps ensure that the drive does not slip out of your hand and will not slide out of a travel bag. Although the drive is offered in a sleek charcoal metallic finish, each Ultra TravelDrive ships with two interchangeable face plates that let you customize your drive for style, or color-code multiple back-up devices.

The drives ship with Ocean Blue and Onyx Black faceplates (120GB) and Sagebrush Green and Arctic White glossy faceplates (160GB).

A cool blue LED light illuminates when the Ultra TravelDrive is plugged into any computer's USB port and flashes during data transfer, so you always know when the drive is in use. In addition, a tiny LED light indicates whether the drive is transferring data at USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 speeds, since older USB 1.1 ports are not always immediately identifiable.  

The drive also includes backup and synchronization software, and a USB cable. All drives come with a 3-year warranty and are available in capacities of 120GB and 160GB at major consumer electronics retailers.

Memorex Ultra TravelDrive 120GB and 160GB are available through authorized Imation distributors at a price range of Rs.5500 & Rs.7000 (MRP).

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