Logitech introduces ChillStream

Logitech, today unveiled Logitech ChillStream, a new game controller with an innovative built-in fan-based cooling system, designed to keep the hands of gamers cool and dry - even during intense competition.

The Logitech ChillStream controller for PC is the only new game controller to offer this exclusive, patented technology. The plug-and-play, full-speed USB Logitech ChillStream controller for PC works on Windows XP computers (with the latest service pack), and with Windows Vista.

The metal grille that covers the air intake at the base of the controller accents the controller's stylish silver-and-black color scheme. The controller features Logitech's patented floating D-pad, which uses four points of contact instead of a single pivot point - a design that resists side-to-side tipping inherent in other controllers, making the controller more precise. The controller's analog stick has been machine-tested to perform at least one million circular revolutions, ensuring that it can handle the rigors of gaming over a long period of time. 

Logitech’s exclusive ChillStream Technology includes a built-in 40 mm fan that circulates up to 3.41 cubic feet of air every minute, while generating very little noise. Because of the fan's compact size, Logitech can deliver the ChillStream feature in a standard-size controller.

Three narrow vents on each side of the controller push air directly onto the four fingers, the base of the thumb and the palm of the hand - the three areas of the hand that need cooling most. The air stream has three settings - continuous, interval, or off. In the interval mode, the air stays on for 15 seconds, then turns off for 30 seconds. The air vents are recessed from the surface of the controller and rubber linings surrounding the vents are flush with the surface - making the vents barely noticeable to the touch during gaming. 

Logitech ChillStream controller for PC is priced at INR 2495 and enjoys a warranty of 2 years. Origin Marketing will distribute Logitech ChillStream controller for Pc in the market. 

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