Genius launches iTempo 800

Taiwan based Genius, introduced its latest iPod speaker, iTempo 800. The new product, which was showcased earlier in Computex, has a built-in DRD sound effect technology.

The DRD is 3D technology that controls the bass equalizer and reproduces crisp sound without distorting the middle tone. Integrating the custom-designed 70mm drivers and sound effect solution, it delivers surprisingly powerful, room-filling sound and creates quality bass without a subwoofer.

The iTempo 800 has an embedded iPod dock station and five different cradles for different types of iPods. It also includes an S-Video connector to connect TV or monitor in case of transfer of a video/photo from iPod. Using the USB cable, music can be downloaded through the PC directly while charging it.

The secondary AUX input jack is for connection with other audio devices, such as laptops, CD player and other MP3 players with a stereo cable included. A wireless remote lets users control the iPod and speaker. It also includes a universal power adaptor.

Sandeep Ramani, Country Manager, KYE Systems, says, "The impressive iTempo 800 will provide true digital audio sound to entertain you at home. It is the ideal choice to turn your iPod into a mini-stereo system and is going to take the market by storm and especially among the younger generations."

Key features:


  •  Sound from a one piece design with 20 watts RMS output power

  •  DRD 3D surround IC

  •  D amplifier, true 24-bit/96kHz analog-to-digital converters

  •  Different docking cradles

  •  USB jack for data transmission

  •  S-Video for connecting iPod photo and iPod video with monitor

  •  AUX line in jack for PC, MP3 or other audio devices

  •  Infrared remote control

 iTempo 800 is available with Genius’ distributors, Transtek Infoways and Tirupati Enterprises and is priced at an MRP of Rs. 5, 499.


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