Foundry Networks and Secure Computing announces partnership

Foundry Networks, a performance and total solutions leader for end-to-end switching and routing, and Secure Computing, one of the leading enterprise gateway security provider, today announced a comprehensive security solutions partnership to reinforce enterprise gateway security through web security, messaging security and network gateway security.  

"Market demand for comprehensive Web security continues to grow as enterprises face an onslaught of Web-based threats," said Terrence Brewton, research analyst for Frost & Sullivan. "However, traditional protection measures are no longer sufficient. With the constantly changing threat landscape it is critical that enterprises look at solutions to protect them from not only known threats, but unknown threats as well. Secure Computing remains a step ahead with its newest Web 2.0 protection capabilities."  

Through this alliance, joint customers benefit from fortified perimeter and internal local area network (LAN) security by leveraging interoperable and best-of-breed networking and security solutions tailored to fit customers' requirements.

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