Cyberstar to promote Lexmark's Printers in India

Cyberstar Infocom unveiled a new initiative to promote Lexmark's new range of rugged laser printers designed especially for deployment in defense, energy exploration, and other extreme condition field applications. 

"Printer weight, size, reliability and speed are important in field applications," said Raj Rathi, the founder and CEO, Cyberstar Infocom. He added, "Lexmark's latest line of rugged printers will find good response from those operating IT enabled field applications in extreme conditions." 

As per the press release, Lexmark's rugged line of laser printer is capable of operating in both 110- or 220-volt environments. The products under discussion are Z645, X1270, X4270, E120n, X342n, T642n, T644, C500n and X502. 

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