Cyberstar gears up for next growth phase

Cyberstar Infocom unveiled its new growth strategy to take the company into the next growth level. As a part of this new initiative, Cyberstar will conduct its first ever regional team from Nov 02-07 for South, North and East and West regions respectively. 

"We are all set to transition to the next level and these regional meets are a designed to help align the organization to achieve our newer goals for the next fiscal," said Raj Rathi, Founder and CEO, Cyberstar Infocom. He added, "Right from our inception, we have been known for our strong business principals, consistent channel policies and fair business practices. With these regional meets, we intend to set a new benchmark in customer services." 

Focused on instilling strong corporate values, distribution business best practices, skill development and in recognizing excellence in team and individual performance, these regional meets are designed to provide a two-way interactive platform for team members to align themselves to Cyberstar corporate vision, goals and targets for the year ahead.  

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