Creative launches ZENTM Stone in India

Creative announced its new ZENTM Stone, the small featherweight 1GB MP3 player. This light weight MP3 player comes in vibrant colors including black, white, red, blue, pink and green.

Users can load up to 500 songs to the Creative ZEN Stone. The built-in battery of the MP3 allows the users to play the songs for non-stop10 hours.

Commenting on the launch of this new product, Ashmit Singh, Brand Manger, Creative and IDLDPL, said, "In today's world of iPod domination, I hope this feather weight Mp3 player will go a long way to mark an epoch in the younger generations due to its incredible price and superior quality, capable of holding up to 500 songs. Moreover it goes well to match your mood, fashion and embody a style statement"

The MP3 is further made fashionable with an additional tiny case carrying it. Another model of this MP3, called The Creative Travel Sound ZEN Stone, which is scheduled to be launched by end of this month, will have its own docking speaker system.

The ZEN Stone MP3 player will soon be available in India exclusively through India Digital Life Style Distributors.


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