Asia Powercom launches UPSMON

Asia Powercom has launched UPSMON plus network that claim to provide the user the option of monitor up to 30 Remote UPS Units in disparate locations at a single desk. This is targeted at medium and large corporate requiring integrated Power Management at disparate locations.

Tejas Sheth, Director - Asia Powercom, said, "With power management being an important factor towards productivity for organizations, our objective is to provide the customer with a solution of Integrated Management to optimize operations from a single location. The proposition for the channel is to move up the value chain and target Corporate and Institutions."

In UPSMON+ Advanced Management Software, the software provides the advantages of remote monitoring across the network, as one can monitor up to 30 UPS units from a single location, while UPSMON plus is power monitoring software that only detects the status of UPS through communication port. When power failure occurs, the software senses the status and will immediately broadcast warning messages to users. When internal timer begins countdown to the zero, software will close the entire files, shutdown the systems, and turn off UPS power switch physically at the location.

At the mentoring location one has the advantage of acting as SNMP agent to allow management by HP Openview or other SNMP Management Software and the software has features of broadcasts the UPS Status message and/or provide alert notification by email. The company is providing monitoring and connection cables for free with all manageable UPS units. The software comes with TCP/IP and SNMP Protocol Support, and provides API Interface for the creation of custom software packages.

UPSMON (UPS Monitoring Software) provides power management for any PC platforms including Novell NetWare and Linux. The software is available in several versions to meet the needs of both the corporate IT manager and the individual user.


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